T Time With Alexander Wang

Not quite the type of “T” you sip on, but rather the kind you wear, which is even better, right?

 There’s been much hype about Mr. Wang’s new secondary line focused on women‘s and men‘s basics, rightfully named T by Alexander Wang, so I had to check it out. A few seasons late, yes, but nevertheless fashionably so. And may I say, I’m officially infatuated.

 Wang has proven to be quite an ingenious designer, with an incredible vision, always making the classics au courant.

 Ok, sure the focus of the fashion world for the last more-than-a-few seasons has been on this “classics with a twist” thing but Wang does it in a way that only he could do, which goes beyond altering hem lines and reconstructing silhouettes. He actually goes beyond reinventing and transcends into innovating. Managing to make the most simple piece of clothing such as a t-shirt so special.

At first you might think to yourself, “Oh it’s just a t-shirt line, what‘s so special about it?” Well, Wang says it best, “You layer it, you build your foundation around it, you sleep in it, you wake up the next day and throw your pieces over it.” (ponystep.com) So what really is so special about it? You literally live your life in one! Whether its worn go to the grocery store, on a date, now-a-days perhaps even an interview, or to break a sweat during a dance class; it’s multifaceted. And that’s what Wang’s focus is on, creating clothes that even the everyday person who knows nothing about fashion can wear while keeping it current.

“…that’s always the challenge, to find solutions to the changing lifestyle.” says Wang, (thelast-magazine.com).

 This Fall, T continues to define “must have” as it expands beyond t-shirts and tanks to include sweatshirt and wool blazers, low-slung pants that resemble long underwear, denim jackets, hooded ponchos, ankle-length knit dresses, and plenty of lean, layerable knits. Many details, such as velvet paneling on a wireless bra or leather trim on a jumpsuit, echo Wang’s fall runway show, inevitably taking this “basics” collection into new territory. What’s in store for the men’s collection? There’s been no word on a F/W follow-up, so lets keep our fingers crossed and hope to see it back for “T” in the Spring.

  1. Hamii said:

    This is still my fave look of yours…ever!! I still want a jumpsuit liike that!! 🙂

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