Ashton Michael S/S 2011; L.A. Fashion Week

Imagine walking into a dim-lit, moody room. Everywhere you look there are various fashionably dramatic and fabulous people–some followed by cameras, others in dark corners standing around like they know all eyes are on them, and some networking chit-chatting away with everyone. Oh, and lets not forget, Kat Von D is sitting in front row as well as Project Runway’s Kit Scarbo (formerly Kit Pistol). 

Now, whoever it was that said that L.A. doesn’t need a fashion week clearly wasn’t at last night’s Exchange LA show featuring one of L.A’s best, my friend, Ashton Hirota’s Ashton Michael S/S 2011 collection.

The eco-friendly line consisted of gothy-punky staples such as low slung trousers, suspender details, shreds,  and an overall androgynous, gender-free aesthetic. My personal favorite look is the pair of trousers with the woven detail (left, in photo above). Sure the styling is a bit drastic, but add a delicate tank underneath, accessorize it with a killer heel and you’ve got for an amazingly chic but tough look.

Stay tuned for photographs and more of  Skingraft and Anthony Franco collections, who also partook in yesterdays show.

I have to say, hands down last nights events proved to be one of the more enjoyable ones I’ve had in these past two weeks.

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