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Taking the military trend to it’s extreme. Try it in neon, casual, or preppy.

Images: From Jak & Jil Blog


I couldn’t go without making a fuss about this. After all, whether some guys like to admit it or not, we all like to dress to impress and put on a bow tie and tux once in a while. Lanvin for H&M gives us a great balance: one part dapper the other part hip and casual. Here are my favorite selections from the collection:

Photos: Stéphane Gallois/Courtesy of H&M

1. Tuxedo (only jacket shown): $299 for pants and jacket; Vest: $49.95; Shirt: $49.95; Pants: $59.95

2. Blue metallic shoes: $79.95

3. White Tuxedo Blaze: $149.00

4. Shirt: $59.95;  Bowtie: $29.95;  Tuxedo (only pants shown): $299 for pants and jacket;  Sunglasses: $19.95

5. Purple satin finish bowtie: $29.95

6. Navy blue 3/4 coat: $249

Excited? So am I! What are your favorite Lanvin x H&M looks? Check them all out on

For those of you who have been waiting for this,  there is no doubt in my mind that you already know about and have seen the Lanvin for H&M short film by now. The collection that is due to launch in select stores on November 20th has created quite the buzz–it is Lanvin after all. And after viewing the short film, there’s no question that it is exquisite and is absolutely worth the wait.

From exuberant Holiday-ready cocktail dresses paired with  borderline gaudy, golightly-esque gemstone neck pieces to over-the-top Faux fur cinched with satin bows,  designer Alber Elbaz gave us all! I love that this is really bringing runway-ready looks to the mainstream retail market.

Now, if only they’d release the men’s looks! If I’m this excited over dresses, imagine how gaga I’ll be going over Lanvin suits!

Meanwhile, here are some shots of some of the outfits as seen in the short film and the video itself:

Photos: David Sims/Courtesy of H&M


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