Lanvin x H&M: What The Dapper Boys Want

I couldn’t go without making a fuss about this. After all, whether some guys like to admit it or not, we all like to dress to impress and put on a bow tie and tux once in a while. Lanvin for H&M gives us a great balance: one part dapper the other part hip and casual. Here are my favorite selections from the collection:

Photos: Stéphane Gallois/Courtesy of H&M

1. Tuxedo (only jacket shown): $299 for pants and jacket; Vest: $49.95; Shirt: $49.95; Pants: $59.95

2. Blue metallic shoes: $79.95

3. White Tuxedo Blaze: $149.00

4. Shirt: $59.95;  Bowtie: $29.95;  Tuxedo (only pants shown): $299 for pants and jacket;  Sunglasses: $19.95

5. Purple satin finish bowtie: $29.95

6. Navy blue 3/4 coat: $249

Excited? So am I! What are your favorite Lanvin x H&M looks? Check them all out on


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