Androgyny To A Rad Degree

Designers from all over the world have launched collections that have cleverly erased the line between genders. And though androgyny is nothing new, the idea of it becoming the signature style of the 21st century and perhaps for many years to come certainly is.

Among the designers that have experimented with this idea of a genderless fashion is Rad Hourani. He blatantly shoved his unisex collection RAD by Rad Hourani in our faces and we loved it.  His minimal aesthetic is perfect. With oversized deconstructed jackets, roomy yet brief shorts,  a few simple tees, and skin-tight leather applique trousers Hourani gives us garments that can be worn by anyone at anytime during any season.

Overall the idea that fashion has taken such liberating steps is great. And if at one point it was taboo for women to wear mens clothing and vice versa now its simply fashionable, so we better get used to it.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the Rad by Rad Hourani A/W 2010 collection:

Images from


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