The NYC-based British designers of Rag & Bone went back to their roots for a Duke of Windsor-inspired collection for Fall Winter 2011.  And though classic textiles like tweed where prominent one thing that wasn’t lacking was a truly bonafide NYC street credibility.  Dapper suits and coats mixed with eagle embroidered baseball jackets made for a modern take to what would otherwise be a much outdated look.  Wide trousers and cropped leather jackets with fur details added a dash of luxe. However, the stand out pieces hands down have to be the few kilts that snuck into the mix. The added pops of electric blue and mustard yellow really solidify the look and bring into modern day–definitely worthy of the streets of NYC.

images courtesy of Dazed Digital.

Stay tuned for more from New York Fashion Week!


For Spring Summer 2011 Burberry Prorsum gets a Punk overhaul, mixing its Brit militant aesthetic with major punk influences. Military, Leather, and spikes–who knew Burberry had it in them? But of course much of this transformation has to do with Yorkshire born, designer Christopher Bailey. He has completely revamped the brand giving it a much youthful appeal—a much-needed change, if you ask me.

Keeping with the expected staples such as trench coats, the Spring Summer 2011 collection comes many new added influences. From biker jackets to leather and jersey trousers, and of course lots and lots of hardware, innovation and transformation is the name of the game.

Here are a couple of my favorite looks from the menswear collection:

images from Oyster Magazine

To view footage of the runway show go here. And be sure to stay tuned for a recap of the Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2011 Womenswear collection.

I couldn’t go without making a fuss about this. After all, whether some guys like to admit it or not, we all like to dress to impress and put on a bow tie and tux once in a while. Lanvin for H&M gives us a great balance: one part dapper the other part hip and casual. Here are my favorite selections from the collection:

Photos: Stéphane Gallois/Courtesy of H&M

1. Tuxedo (only jacket shown): $299 for pants and jacket; Vest: $49.95; Shirt: $49.95; Pants: $59.95

2. Blue metallic shoes: $79.95

3. White Tuxedo Blaze: $149.00

4. Shirt: $59.95;  Bowtie: $29.95;  Tuxedo (only pants shown): $299 for pants and jacket;  Sunglasses: $19.95

5. Purple satin finish bowtie: $29.95

6. Navy blue 3/4 coat: $249

Excited? So am I! What are your favorite Lanvin x H&M looks? Check them all out on

For those of you who have been waiting for this,  there is no doubt in my mind that you already know about and have seen the Lanvin for H&M short film by now. The collection that is due to launch in select stores on November 20th has created quite the buzz–it is Lanvin after all. And after viewing the short film, there’s no question that it is exquisite and is absolutely worth the wait.

From exuberant Holiday-ready cocktail dresses paired with  borderline gaudy, golightly-esque gemstone neck pieces to over-the-top Faux fur cinched with satin bows,  designer Alber Elbaz gave us all! I love that this is really bringing runway-ready looks to the mainstream retail market.

Now, if only they’d release the men’s looks! If I’m this excited over dresses, imagine how gaga I’ll be going over Lanvin suits!

Meanwhile, here are some shots of some of the outfits as seen in the short film and the video itself:

Photos: David Sims/Courtesy of H&M


Imagine walking into a dim-lit, moody room. Everywhere you look there are various fashionably dramatic and fabulous people–some followed by cameras, others in dark corners standing around like they know all eyes are on them, and some networking chit-chatting away with everyone. Oh, and lets not forget, Kat Von D is sitting in front row as well as Project Runway’s Kit Scarbo (formerly Kit Pistol). 

Now, whoever it was that said that L.A. doesn’t need a fashion week clearly wasn’t at last night’s Exchange LA show featuring one of L.A’s best, my friend, Ashton Hirota’s Ashton Michael S/S 2011 collection.

The eco-friendly line consisted of gothy-punky staples such as low slung trousers, suspender details, shreds,  and an overall androgynous, gender-free aesthetic. My personal favorite look is the pair of trousers with the woven detail (left, in photo above). Sure the styling is a bit drastic, but add a delicate tank underneath, accessorize it with a killer heel and you’ve got for an amazingly chic but tough look.

Stay tuned for photographs and more of  Skingraft and Anthony Franco collections, who also partook in yesterdays show.

I have to say, hands down last nights events proved to be one of the more enjoyable ones I’ve had in these past two weeks.

for more on Ashton Michael visit

Not quite the type of “T” you sip on, but rather the kind you wear, which is even better, right?

 There’s been much hype about Mr. Wang’s new secondary line focused on women‘s and men‘s basics, rightfully named T by Alexander Wang, so I had to check it out. A few seasons late, yes, but nevertheless fashionably so. And may I say, I’m officially infatuated.

 Wang has proven to be quite an ingenious designer, with an incredible vision, always making the classics au courant.

 Ok, sure the focus of the fashion world for the last more-than-a-few seasons has been on this “classics with a twist” thing but Wang does it in a way that only he could do, which goes beyond altering hem lines and reconstructing silhouettes. He actually goes beyond reinventing and transcends into innovating. Managing to make the most simple piece of clothing such as a t-shirt so special.

At first you might think to yourself, “Oh it’s just a t-shirt line, what‘s so special about it?” Well, Wang says it best, “You layer it, you build your foundation around it, you sleep in it, you wake up the next day and throw your pieces over it.” ( So what really is so special about it? You literally live your life in one! Whether its worn go to the grocery store, on a date, now-a-days perhaps even an interview, or to break a sweat during a dance class; it’s multifaceted. And that’s what Wang’s focus is on, creating clothes that even the everyday person who knows nothing about fashion can wear while keeping it current.

“…that’s always the challenge, to find solutions to the changing lifestyle.” says Wang, (

 This Fall, T continues to define “must have” as it expands beyond t-shirts and tanks to include sweatshirt and wool blazers, low-slung pants that resemble long underwear, denim jackets, hooded ponchos, ankle-length knit dresses, and plenty of lean, layerable knits. Many details, such as velvet paneling on a wireless bra or leather trim on a jumpsuit, echo Wang’s fall runway show, inevitably taking this “basics” collection into new territory. What’s in store for the men’s collection? There’s been no word on a F/W follow-up, so lets keep our fingers crossed and hope to see it back for “T” in the Spring.

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